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We are offering a free, quarter long
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What is
Once a day parents receive a personalized text message (and email).
This message tells them their child's homework and other important information.

94% of parents remain opted in after receiving the initial message!

The messages look like this:

Elementary school:

This is an example of the text message ParentEdge® sends out for elementary school classes.

Middle / High School:

An example of the text message ParentEdge® sends out for middle school and high school. Each number represents the corresponding class period on a student's schedule.


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ParentEdge Trial Details:

Target student population: All Students
Staff participation: Building wide program or classroom level
Duration: One quarter of the school year
Cost: None. During the trial ParentEdge is completely and absolutely free. After the trial the cost of ParentEdge is $2.50 per student / per year if you wish to continue using it.
Obligation after trial: None
Training time required for teachers to learn ParentEdge: 5 minutes (probably less)
Time required each day for teachers: 30 - 60 seconds
Time saved each day for teachers: 5 minutes or more (depends on students and teacher).
Time required for set up by school / teacher:15 - 30 minutes though this can vary up or down. (The accuracy of your parent contact information really determines this.)
Support provided: Email and phone support as needed along with video tutorials and web help. If you have any questions or need help you will be speaking to the developers of ParentEdge directly. We do not outsource our support!
Expected benefits of ParentEdge:
-Increase in student academic performance.
-Better test scores.
-Better communication between parents and school
-Better student attendance (Parents know when tests are, won't let kids stay home)
-Fewer discipline issues. (Parents are involved so kids know to behave better.)
-Many schools use it as an opportunity to update their parent contact information.

Please email info@schooledgemobile.com or if you have any questions!


Complete ParentEdge® Information:

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ParentEdge FAQ Middle / High School (Teachers)
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ParentEdge Quick Start Guide Elementary
ParentEdge Quick Start Guide Middle / High School

To see more details about how ParentEdge® works please see the video tutorials on our support page.



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